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    TABLO - New ‘Balloon Animal’ Tattoo (September 2014)!

  • Junhoe listening to yg’s shit ~ 2

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    the beauty of team b’s friendship ring 

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    Because I’m happy…

  • Jinwan & Donghyuk’s freestyle tutting

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  • the sass…

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  • "I have so many pandas.” - SR
    #getwellsoonseungri #imissyou

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  • First audition | Turn All Lights On | Just Another Boy | Wait for Me | Mercy

    Kim Donghyuk, He is smart boy. He was school president. He passed in YG,JYP,SM auditions. He chose YG because he is fan of BigBang. He has massively improved since he joined yg and added to team b. He is last one to join team b thus he calls himself magnae (youngest). Even though Junhoe is youngest. He is sweetest. He really takes cares of fans. He helps team members for the choreo. He has really good dancing skills. He knows himself he is not good enough and he needs to improve a lot. He really works hard day and night to practice. His only wish is to give his debut album to his dad and debut with his members. 

    I really want his wish to come true. I am really really proud of him.

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    I want Seungri’s recovery more than a BIGBANG comeback.

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  • Hanbin may be the leader, but Yunhyung is still the hyung and they both care for each other so much (the Hanbin and Yoyo love is going strong).

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  • Members feeling sorry for Hanbin trans

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